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Correctly fitted child restraints have proven over the years to be very effective in preventing injuries to children in a car crash. According to the RACV, over 1500 children were killed between 1989 and 2004 as passengers in motor vehicles. Many would undoubtedly be alive today if they had been correctly restrained.

In many cases of child injury, an inappropriate restraint (where the child is too young or too small for the restraint) has been used, or the restraint has been used incorrectly. One of the key road safety concerns with child restraints is that the majority of them are simply NOT correctly fitted.

We believe education is the key here and ideally everybody should have their restraint properly fitted and explained, most particularly with the first baby.

Pearce's Child Restraints has been operating for over twenty years on the North Shore & Beaches. We aim to take the worry and stress out of choosing and fitting your restraint. We stock a huge range of Safe 'n' Sound products and accessories, all at extremely competitive prices. We always provide the highest possible standard of service, so you can be confident that your child is in safe hands with a restraint fitted at Pearce's.


By law, every child must be suitably restrained when travelling in a vehicle.

As a parent, you should choose the restraint that provides the highest possible level of protection and, equally importantly, ensure you are using it properly. Child restraints are designed to match a child's height and weight. When you buy a restraint you need to consider;

  • The size / weight and age of your child
  • If the restraint will fit in your vehicle
  • Age of the child

It is vital to keep your child in a restraint as long as possible and only move the child to the next category of restraint when he or she no longer fits their current restraint. A restraint that is incorrectly fitted, or use of a restraint that is not suitable for your child's size puts your child at a higher risk of serious injury or death.

When you purchase a restraint in-store from Pearce's Child Restraints we will fit it for free (excludes all items purchased on-line). You gain peace of mind in knowing that your restraint has been expertly fitted by an Authorised Fitting Station. At Pearce's Child Restraints we understand that every customer has different requirements. Our personalised service aims to advise on the safest and most suitable option for your vehicle. Customers who purchase items via this website may choose to visit us by appointment and have your restraint fitted for a fee.

Australian Safety Standards
It is important to use restraints approved by Standards Australia - Look for the Standards mark when buying a restraint. NEVER use a restraint bought in another country - It is not legal in this country and may not be safe.

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